5 Quarantine Activities Seniors Will Love This Fall

Try these socially distanced activities to spice up seniors’ lives this autumn.

Fall can make people nostalgic, bringing forth memories of fun gatherings with family and friends. This year, of course, things are a little different—but you can still make fall a special time of year. Spice autumn up with these fun activities, which can all be done safely by people in quarantine.

Make a wreath

Create a wreath using colorful autumn leaves and other autumn-inspired materials. If possible, go for a walk together and collect materials like dried flowers and grass. Dried branches and felt leaves make a gorgeous fall combination as well. Whether you use dollar-store leaves or dried materials from the garden, it will add a splash of autumn cheer to a senior’s door.

Go “ghosting”

This is the reverse of traditional trick-or-treating. Instead of going from door to door to ask for treats, seniors can make a treat basket for a grandchild (or another special child in their life) and leave it on their doorstep (or have someone else “spirit” it there for them, if need be). Decorate a small wooden or wicker basket with Halloween-themed ribbons and other adornments, then quietly leave it on the porch. Send a text message after dropping off the gift basket or just tuck it into a hidden spot on the porch for the child to find! Knowing they’re giving the child an exciting surprise and a special memory will brighten seniors’ Halloween.

Have a socially distanced masquerade party

Host a masquerade ball on Zoom so that seniors can connect with friends or relatives while sporting creative costumes. Give seniors fun hats, masks, and other accessories to choose from or encourage seniors to decorate their own masks and show off their handiwork to one another! Share an easy fall mocktail recipe like autumn harvest punch that everyone can make at their own home and enjoy together.

Do an autumn jigsaw puzzle

Pour a mug of warm apple cider and do a fall-themed jigsaw puzzle with the senior in your life (if you’re able to be in the same home together). This is a cozy, quiet way to spend an afternoon or evening. You could also each work on your own puzzle in a different corner of the room to keep a bit more social distance.

Make holiday gifts

As the air grows chillier, it’s just the right time to start making holiday gifts. If seniors love to knit, sew, make beaded jewelry, or do another type of craft, they could make holiday presents for their kids, grandkids, or other loved ones. Making a colorful child’s quilt is a fun project that will make a great present.

These activities will help seniors feel connected to their friends and family as they make the most of this special time of year. Encourage them to stay in touch with loved ones through video chat, too. As the weather grows colder, embracing new ways of staying connected could make all the difference.


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