5 Ways Technology Is Improving Senior Care

Learn how the elderly and their caregivers can leverage technology to improve their daily lives. 

Technology changes the way we work and live. New technology is enabling seniors to live a more independent lifestyle while giving their loved ones peace of mind regarding their well being.

Take a look at some of the most notable technology for seniors and how it’s creating a connected, safer living environment:

Life Alert Buttons

Life Alert became a household name with their famous “Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” TV commercials. These innovative buttons help seniors remain independent and give family members the security of knowing that help is just the push of a button away. Seniors can wear the button so that it’s always within arm’s reach in case of an emergency. They can talk to emergency personnel even if a phone isn’t available.

GPS Trackers

Wearable technology has grown in recent years, and it provides a viable solution for seniors who may wander. Worn like a watch or placed inside a shoe, GPS trackers can alert a family member on a loved one’s location. These devices are used by family members and home health care aides alike to mitigate the risks of injury from wandering.

Facebook Portal

Social media giant Facebook has its own brand of smart portals that allow video communication with loved ones. Many families use these as a senior security system so they can conduct visual check-ins. You can purchase the portal as a stand-alone video monitor or as a device that transforms any TV into a portal.

The portal is about the size of a picture frame and remains “off” until you receive or make a call. Its smart camera technology allows the camera to pan across the room as the user moves. It also uses voice activation technology so seniors can place or answer calls without getting up from their chair—or in the event of a fall after which they can’t get up.


Alexa is the smart technology that powers multiple devices, including the Facebook Portal devices, but it’s most notably used in Amazon’s virtual assistants. Backed by a friendly female voice, Alexa is like having your own assistant that can look up information and perform simple tasks, such as turning on lights or giving you a weather report.

In terms of senior care, families use Alexa to set medication reminders, keep track of lists, manage calendars, play music, track down a cell phone, and even play trivia games to sharpen the elderly family member’s thinking. Seniors may even find themselves talking to Alexa simply for the company.

In-Home Cameras

Smart cameras that can be monitored remotely allow for greater independent living. Family members may find it beneficial to observe how their loved one behaves and pick up on changes and trends that could signal something is wrong. And those who use home health services can view the camera to ensure they’re receiving the high level of care they deserve.

Keeping seniors connected, protected, and healthy is a critical part of independent living. With the help of the right technology, seniors, their families, and their caregivers can gain greater confidence.








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