Best Hikes for Seniors in Asheville, NC

See some of the best views in Asheville with these easy hiking trails. Find your next hike for seniors here!

hikes for seniors in Asheville nc

Asheville, NC, is home to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, and there’s no better way to experience them than to see them up close. Many of the trails in our area are suited to all ages and skill levels, which is why hikes for seniors are among the most common choices for a day full of fun and activity. Remember, it’s not about how fast you reach the end. It’s about all the enjoyment and memories you make on the way. 

Put these five trails on your to-do list for senior fun in Asheville, NC:

1. Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor’s Center Loop

The Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor’s Center Loop is a short and sweet hike totaling 1.4 miles and rated as easy. It’s long enough for hikers to feel like they got some exercise but short enough to save some energy. The trail is mostly flat with very small elevation gains, and it crosses the highway via a tunnel for added safety. There are a few steps on this trail, but the landings are wide and stable. For the majority of the hike, you’ll wind your way through the beautiful mountain forest. Parking (including handicap parking) is available at the visitor center, which is adjacent to the trailhead. 

2. Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary Boardwalk

Also in Asheville, NC, is the Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary, one of the top bird-watching spots in the state. Spend a little extra time here exploring the Boardwalk trail, which spans just 0.4 miles. This easy hike takes you to the lake and back on a flat boardwalk-style trail complete with handrails. The boardwalk extends five feet wide, making it accessible to most motorized wheelchairs and walkers. It’s an excellent trail for viewing birds and other wildlife, plus you can extend your hike with the lake’s perimeter loop at the end of the boardwalk.

3. Asheville Botanical Garden Loop

One of the best hikes for seniors is also one of the locals’ favorite places to enjoy rich floral life. Head to the Asheville Botanical Garden and make your way to the 0.7-mile loop trail. Traffic is usually light, and the hike is rated as easy. The trail is mostly flat, with a few stairs and bridges along the way. This is a popular yet quiet place for families with small children, seniors, and college students taking a break from their studies.

4. Blue Ridge Parkway Trail: Valley Springs

For seniors looking for a longer hike, the Valley Springs trail offers the best balance of ease and scenery. The trail follows part of the Blue Ridge Parkway while also keeping you tucked against nature. It’s great for viewing wildlife and remains relatively flat throughout. A few river crossings are assisted with safe, stable bridges for an overall easy hike.

5. Sunset Trail

Just across from the Spa at Grove Park Inn is one of Asheville’s best-kept secrets: the short and beautiful Sunset Trail. With a length of just 0.7 miles, this mostly flat trail takes you through a beautiful wildlife-filled forest with historical sites and markers along the way. 

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