Having a furry best friend is like nothing else, especially as we hit a certain age in life where we need to start living a slower lifestyle. Whether it’s your mom, dad, grandparent, or a loved senior in your life, considering what type of dog would be best for them can be a little daunting! We’ve got you covered. Below, you will find five of the best dog breeds for the senior in your life. 

#1 Shih Tzu

These adorable dogs are widely known as one of the best dogs for seniors. Shih Tzus are lovable lap dogs that will be happy to do anything, just so they are with their owner. Your senior can take their Shih Tzu on a short walk, or snuggle together on the couch! A fun fact about Shih Tzu’s is that their name means “Little Lion”. 

#2 Bichon Frise

These adorable fluffy dogs surprisingly don’t shed very much, which is perfect for seniors as there will not be much cleaning up needed. These dogs are easy to potty train and are very sweet and friendly! A fun fact about these fluffy dogs is that they are one of artists’ favorite animals to paint.

#3 Maltese

These dogs are affectionate and lightweight. Besides a short  walk a day, and some grooming each month, they are easy to care for. They would be a perfect companion for your senior to have as a furry best friend to keep them company at home. A fun fact about Maltese dogs is that, despite their size, they are known to be great guard dogs! 

#4 Pomeranian

These furry friends usually weigh between three to seven pounds, which would be perfect for apartment or community living for your mom, dad, or grandparent. They are low maintenance, only needing thirty minutes of exercise per day. A fun fact about a specific Pomeranian dog from history is that Mozart dedicated aria to his beloved Pomeranian! 

#5 Pug

Pugs are short haired, which makes for easy grooming. These dogs are known for their silly and cheerful personalities, which means they will bring joy to your seniors’ days! A fun fact about Pugs is that they were bred to be lap dogs! This is why they don’t need as much exercise as most other breeds. 

Overall, small dogs are great companions for the senior, grandparent, parent, or loved one in your life! These are just a few of the many great options out there. For more tips on caring for your loved ones, head back to the Tailored Home Care Blog.


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