Geocaching for Seniors

You’re never too old to enjoy the thrill of a treasure hunt, especially when you can do it in your own backyard.

COVID-19 may have cast a dark shadow on many things seniors used to enjoy, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had at home or in socially distant settings. One game that’s perfect for seniors: geocaching.

What Is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a live-action treasure hunt with millions of players all over the world. Players can register for a free geocaching membership, download an app to find the coordinates of hidden treasure in their area, then navigate to these locations via GPS to locate the geocache.

Many state parks are meccas for geocachers, but geocaches can be hidden just about anywhere outdoors. Once you find a geocache, you can sign the logbook and return the treasure to its hidden location. Or, you can take the treasure and leave an item of comparable value in its place.

Benefits of Geocaching for Seniors

This game of outdoor hide-and-seek is a great way to break up seniors’ day and get them moving outside. It’s entertaining for all ages, and many seniors enjoy geocaching with family members or friends to share the fun.

Geocaching can offer a number of physical and mental health benefits to seniors:

It Requires Movement

Geocaching could be a great way to get more exercise. While some geocaches require long hikes in the woods, others can be found walking around town or other easy-to-access places. If your senior is receiving homecare, you might consider doing your own version of geocaching in your own backyard.

It’s All Outside

Geocaching brings players into the great outdoors. You get a daily dose of Vitamin D and plenty of fresh air, not to mention a chance to reconnect with nature.

It Sharpens Mental Skills

Geocaching is much like a puzzle that requires critical thinking and problem solving to find the treasure. Studies show puzzles can be effective in improving mental skills and may even lead to a longer life and better health.

If you want to help your senior loved one take advantage of these benefits, let them solve geocaches and create their own for someone else to find!

It Brings People Closer

Geocaching is more fun when you share it with a group. For seniors, it’s the perfect way to spend more time with family and make fond memories.

Adding Geocaching to Your Senior’s Homecare

If you use a homecare provider, ask them to take your loved ones on a local geocaching adventure and help them use GPS technology to find their treasure. There’s also handicaching, which is an accessibility-friendly twist on geocaching. These geocaches are easier to find and access for disabled seniors and put the fun of the game within everyone’s reach.

Sites like make it easy to get started with no monetary investment required. Because geocaching is such a widespread activity, there’s a good chance that you can enjoy it near you.

For more senior home health insights, head back to the Tailored Home Care blog.


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