Celebrating National Grandparents’ Day During COVID-19

Despite the pandemic, you can brighten grandparents’ spirits with these five fun ideas. 

The past six months have been tough for relationships between seniors and their grandchildren. That’s why it’s important to make National Grandparents Day extra special this year. Have a COVID-19-safe celebration with the following ideas that are sure to show grandparents just how much they mean to you.

If grandparents live in a nursing home that doesn’t permit visitors, some of these ideas will give you a way to show how much you care even if you can’t be together in person right now.

1. Making picture books

Create a story of the kids’ relationships with their grandparents to celebrate the day. Here are two options:

Handmade books

Kids could draw their own pictures and write the narrative in a drawing book with blank pages, with a little guidance from parents. Grandparents will love reading the stories they’ve created and the whimsical details kids are sure to include! Handwritten letters with kids’ drawings are another great option.

Photo books

Similarly, tell a story with photo books that show how your kids have grown over the years, including photos of grandparents and grandkids having special times together. Or, include photos of children over the past year. Add text that describes what was happening in the photos and emphasizes how meaningful these moments are.

2. Having an outdoor, physically distanced gathering

Make a special cake decorated in honor of the day and get together with grandparents in a backyard or a park with enough space for social distancing. Cook out on the grill or bring favorite dishes and enjoy the afternoon together outdoors.

You could also play yard games, especially ones that don’t require people to touch the same game pieces. Lawn darts, croquet, and water bottle bowling are all great options, and you can modify cornhole by giving a grandparent their own color that no one else touches. Sanitize any shared pieces between rounds.

3. Creating window art

Using washable window paints, create artwork on grandparents’ windows. Painting the outside of a window (if you can reach it) will give grandparents a constant reminder of your love even if you can’t be in the same space together. Add a personal touch by creating handprint art.

4. Writing messages in chalk

Draw and write big, colorful messages on grandparents’ sidewalks or the parking lot of a nursing home. Your decorations will linger with the grandparents after your visit, or they can give you a safe way to share your love if you can’t visit in person.

5. Singing outside their window

If you can’t be in the same physical space as the grandparents (perhaps because they live in a nursing home), rehearse some songs to sing for them. Make a big, colorful banner with a message like “Happy Grandparents’ Day!” and hold it below their window with the whole family. Sing some songs that they know so they can sing along with you from inside.

These creative ideas are sure to lift grandparents’ spirits and show how special they are to their family. Kids might have their own great ideas, too!


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