How an Air Purification System Can Help Senior’s Allergies

Learn how an air purification system can improve respiratory health and overall wellbeing.

Indoor air often becomes stagnant, carrying higher levels of pollutants than outdoor air. This is especially the case in homes with limited air circulation and ventilation. Seniors with allergies or anyone who wants to improve their respiratory health and overall wellbeing can, therefore, benefit from a quality air purification system. Air purifiers can help keep contaminants in check, improving health and quality of life. 

What types of contaminants can these systems remove, and what are the best air purifiers for helping with allergies? Read on to learn more!

What’s in your air?

Do you really know what’s in your air? If you’re not purifying it, probably not. Air inside the home often carries high levels of mold, pet dander, bacteria, pollen, dust, VOCs, and chemicals. Plus, it can help viruses like COVID-19 spread through respiratory droplets. Even if your air looks clean, it may not be. Volatile organic compounds can be emitted by synthetic materials in various household items—from rugs to sofas. Pet dander can be present even if the pet doesn’t shed a lot. Let’s take a look at how all of these contaminants can affect seniors’ health!

How does this affect your health?

People who suffer from allergies may find the ailment greatly exacerbated by poor indoor air quality. Those who are most susceptible to air contaminants tend to spend more time indoors. Because airborne particles get trapped there, indoor pollutants can become 2-5 times more concentrated than outdoor pollutants.

Your home should be your refuge, not a cause of discomfort! As tree and grass pollen becomes airborne this spring, consider using an air purifier to keep allergies at bay.

Air purifiers can help alleviate other health conditions as well. They can improve health for people with various respiratory concerns that cause symptoms like congestion, trouble breathing, and coughing. They can also potentially improve heart health, as studies have shown that contaminated air increases one’s risk of stroke or heart disease.

The difference an air purifier can make

Seniors using air purifiers will find themselves breathing easier this allergy season (and all year round), enjoying a higher quality of indoor air. An air purification system can even keep you protected during the pandemic!

What are the best air purifiers for helping against COVID-19? The Airbox systems have an antimicrobial filter with a 99.99% success rate at capturing tiny particles, even those as small as the COVID-19 virus. Dirty air enters the unit from below and emerges from the top clean. These devices can decontaminate an 800-square-foot room in just 25 minutes. At home, you can keep your system running 24/7 so your air is continuously cleaned. Of course, you should still take other standard precautions like social distancing and wearing masks to keep yourself as protected as possible.

Using air purifiers can make a huge difference in seniors’ wellbeing. Therefore, air purifiers are a must-have in-home care tool for seniors with allergies or respiratory issues.


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