Senior Fun in Charlotte, NC

Discover these five senior-friendly activities that are perfect for making memories. Enjoy some senior fun in Charlotte, NC.

senior fun in Charlotte NC

We’re fortunate to live near such a charming city with mountains, a river, a lake, and lots of things to do nearby. With a history that spans before the Revolutionary War, the city of Charlotte, NC, has something for everyone, including the senior loved ones in your life. Here are our top picks on activities for seniors that are safe, fun, and can get the whole family involved.

1. UNC Botanical Gardens

Just north of downtown Charlotte, you can find the University of North Carolina’s botanical gardens, a sprawling 10-acre landscape of rich flora, a greenhouse, and beautiful scenery. The gardens are free to wander, making this one of the most budget-friendly senior activities in Charlotte. Though most of the garden trails consist of varying natural terrain, the greenhouse is wheelchair accessible. The gardens offer the most diverse collection of plants in Charlotte, with many exotic plants on display in the greenhouse year-round. For seniors interested in learning to garden, the UNC Botanical Gardens offer courses throughout the year.

2. Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary

This storied respite for birds has become quite famous among southern gardening enthusiasts. It’s a place of relaxation where you can enjoy life at a slower pace and take time to reflect on the earth’s natural beauty and wonders. On-site parking and handicap parking are available in between the two gardens. Admission covers access to the Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary, as well as the children’s garden (bring the grandkids!) and the Elizabeth Lawrence House & Garden. It’s an unexpected find in a bustling city environment—one that delights children and adults of all ages. 

3. Blumenthal Performing Arts Center

For seniors that enjoy live entertainment, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center maintains a busy schedule year-round. Its three separate theatres have been the site of Broadway-style musicals, concerts, festivals, live events, and more. For seniors and individuals with disabilities, the venue offers Patron Assistant services such as wheelchair access and seating, large print programs, and headphones for audio descriptions for the visually impaired.

4. Discovery Place Science

Want to make memories with your grandkids (or great-grandkids)? Discovery Place Science is packed with mild thrills that will enchant visitors of all ages. Engage the senses and spark your curiosity with hands-on science experiments and exhibits. The center is the home of Charlotte’s indoor rainforest, complete with animal demonstrations, an aquarium, and other must-see features. Live shows, labs, and events complete the experience and give you lots of opportunities to take photos with your family. For seniors with mobility issues or hearing or visual impairments, the museum offers assistive devices and services to make your visit more enjoyable.

5. Charlotte Museum of History

Charlotte’s favorite history museum lets you watch the city’s past come alive. Seniors can enjoy a discounted admission fee and take their pick of multiple guided and self-guided tours. Paved paths can be accessed by motorized wheelchairs throughout most of the outdoor facilities and the indoor portions of the museum. You’re never too old to learn something about history!

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