Tailored Home Care, Inc. COVID-19 Release

How we are monitoring the developing situation for our elderly clients.

Our elderly and immuno-compromised clients are our #1 priority right now during the COVID-19 outbreak. Elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system is at greater risk of getting the virus and symptoms could be severe. We are taking this seriously as an integral part of the healthcare system. Healthcare must go on and this population needs our help. We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure your loved one is safe.

When Tailored Home Care, Inc. hires our employees they all go through a rigorous hiring process. This includes infection precaution training. We have amped up our program and are communicating multiple times per day with our caregivers and families regarding protocols, changes, etc. We need your  help to ensure that our caregivers can do their job safely and efficiently.

  • Please ensure that your family member has adequate protective equipment and cleaning supplies. We can supply extra gloves and assist with acquiring cleaning supplies if needed.
  • Another way you can help is limiting visitors to their homes. This includes family members. We suggest that only the caregiver and 1 family member visit the home. Anyone who does enter the home needs to follow the same infection precautions as the caregivers.
  • Please encourage your loved one to stay in their home and not travel to grocery stores or public places. We can deliver groceries, medications, etc to their homes and place on front doorstep. All activities and non-essential doctor’s appointments are suggested to be cancelled.
  • At this time masks are not available. We tried to order some a month ago and they were sold out. A lot of the research shows that masks aren’t effective at containing the virus. Please just keep surfaces clean, wash your hands and keep hands out of your mouth to prevent the spread. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing and wash your hands immediately.
  • If shelter in place 24/7 becomes mandated our caregivers will have a letter from us stating their purpose on the roads and will be able to get to their shifts. We will be available 24/7 as well for any questions and concerns.


Stay Informed

We are attaching links that are accurate and the only information you should read regarding this virus. Please do not panic during this situation and we all need to practice self care. We are caring for your loved ones and will continue to until it is unsafe for either party. We don’t anticipate there ever being an incident where your loved one will not be cared for. We have an abundance of healthy staff members and we are taking all precautions.

If you know someone that needs virtual check-ins or grocery delivery, please let us know. Our services will be affordable and safe for anyone in need.

Please call 704-897-3805 or text 704-737-0880 with any questions. You can also email tailoredhomecareinc@gmail.com.





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