The Benefits of Using a Senior In-Home Caregiver During COVID-19

The pandemic is a critical time in healthcare, and many families are increasingly turning to professional in-home care services to benefit their loved ones.

As businesses across the country are temporarily closing and sending their workers home, in-home care services like Tailored Home Care are ramping up hiring. The current COVID-19 pandemic has made a strong case for in-home elderly care, particularly because many family members who used to take on the responsibilities themselves have been encouraged to practice social distancing.

And given that seniors are at the highest risk for complications from the virus, many families are turning to professional caregiving services to fill in the gaps.

Even if an elderly loved one does not need a caregiver during “normal” circumstances, you may find that hiring someone during COVID-19 can give you and your loved one greater peace of mind. Here are five things an in-home caregiver can do for your loved one during this difficult time.

Conduct Wellness Check-Ins

If you’re used to dropping in on a loved one, you might need to adjust your check-in strategy during the pandemic. A caregiver can perform wellness checks on your behalf while limiting contact with your loved one. More thorough wellness checks can include additional household assistance, such as light cleanings, taking out the trash, and reducing clutter for a safer living space.

Provide Help with Groceries or Errands

Everyone is being encouraged to stay home as much as possible during the pandemic and only leave for essential items or services. To further limit your senior’s need to venture out in public, a caregiver can help with post office runs, groceries, paying bills, or getting essential items like hand soap and toilet paper.

Set Up Telehealth Visits

If your loved one has already scheduled a doctor’s visit or needs to speak with a doctor during the pandemic, a telehealth appointment might be a safer option. However, many seniors lack the equipment and technology needed for online visits. In-home caregivers can help to fill the gap by managing the logistics on behalf of your elderly family member.

Watch for Symptoms

If your loved one were to be affected by the coronavirus, having an in-person caregiver can help to detect symptoms before they get worse. They can check their temperature, monitor things like cough, and get immediate help if they start having difficulty breathing. A caregiver that stays on-site can be more responsive to your loved one’s health and get them medical care as quickly as possible.

Allow You to Practice Social Distancing

If you’re still working during the pandemic, have family members in the house who are still working, or otherwise need to go out in public, you could be at risk for contracting the virus. Even if you show no symptoms, you could still pass along the virus to an elderly loved one if you come in close contact with them.

Letting an in-home caregiver stand in for you during the pandemic allows you to continue practicing social distancing without putting your loved one at risk. Caregivers are taking additional precautions to limit contact and the spread of germs without sacrificing the quality of service they provide. In addition, caregivers are not on the frontlines of healthcare like emergency room personnel, and they take steps to limit their own exposure to the virus.

If you’re concerned about your senior loved one’s health during the pandemic, reach out today to discuss the benefits of working with an in-home care service that will give you and your loved one greater peace of mind.


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