Things to do Before Hiring an In-Home Caregiver

Hiring a caregiver for their elderly loved one can be a daunting task for many people. This is understandable as most people don’t know how to go about the hiring process. If you have the same dilemma, it is reassuring to know that the process is not as difficult as it seems, given that you plan everything accordingly.

Below are some of the things you need to do before hiring in-home professionals:

Evaluate your elderly loved one’s specific needs.

People have unique needs, and your elderly loved one is no exception. Are they looking for someone to accompany them? Are they looking for someone who can help with the housekeeping? Or are they looking for someone to assist with complex medical equipment?

If your loved one has a complex medical situation, hiring a licensed and insured in-home caregiver is recommended. If they need someone to help transport them from one place to another, check if the applicant has a driver’s license.

Inform everyone involved about any decision

Often, looking after an aging loved one is considered a family responsibility. That said, any decision must be communicated to everyone involved. This is especially important if they are helping cover the costs. It is also ideal that the division of costs and responsibilities is clear.

Understandably, the most important voice you should listen to is your elderly loved one. After all, it is their right to choose the care option that will suit them best.

Determine your budget.

Having someone look after your senior loved one can be costly.  That said, you should determine your budget from the beginning so you don’t get overwhelmed later. When figuring out the budget, one key factor you should consider is the estimated time they will need in-home care. This can also help you gauge if you are looking for a short or long-term hire.

Discuss with your senior loved one personal and personality preferences.

Having an open and healthy working relationship with your loved one’s caregiver is important. In line with this, it would be a good idea to look for someone compassionate, hardworking, respectful, and communicative.

Also, many older adults strongly prefer caregivers with the same ethnicity, religion, gender, and country of origin. Ask your senior loved one what their preferences are so you will know what to look for.

From there, you can check with the home care agency if they are willing to accommodate specific requests (i.e., someone who speaks the same language, someone with the same ethnicity, etc.).

It is also recommended that you look for someone with a personality compatible with your aging family member. When looking for a caregiver, be mindful of your senior relative’s character traits, personality, and other preferences.

Ensure you have a backup plan.

There may be instances when your chosen caregiver won’t be able to report to work. Regardless of the reason, make sure you have a backup plan ready when a similar scenario occurs. Do you have a backup aide? Who lives nearby and can easily take on the job until the caregiver returns?

Make sure everyone involved knows about the backup plan, and everyone agrees on what to do and the responsibilities of each should the situation arise. This is important so you can avoid frantic juggling of schedules and last-minute panic.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, when hiring an in-home caregiver, be open to suggestions, recommendations, and other possibilities. Don’t hesitate to speak to neighbors and friends who have had a similar hiring experience. The process is no walk in the park, but once you see your senior loved one happy and living life to the fullest, it will be all worth it.

Author: Sarah Keller from A to Z Home Care

About the Author: Sarah Keller is the Content Marketing Strategist of A To Z Home Care, a team of professional home care providers based in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in long-term care for your loved ones. She enjoys riding horses and camping with her friends and family in her spare time.

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