What Is an Elder Care Attorney, and Why Should You See One?

Elder care attorneys assist with legal issues related to Medicare or long-term care.

You may already know there are multiple unique protections, rights, and laws tailored to elder individuals. But what you might not realize is that elder laws are ripe with complexities that make it challenging for families and their elderly loved ones to navigate them.

From handling their finances to receiving long-term care, seniors face a unique set of legal challenges that arise simply because of their age.

To understand and overcome these situations, families may find that working with an attorney that specializes in elder law can give them the answers and resolutions they need for peace of mind and optimal outcomes.

What Is an Elder Care Attorney?

Elder care attorneys are lawyers that specialize in elderly care law. They work with older individuals and their families to ensure their senior loved ones’ rights haven’t been compromised and that they receive fair compensation, benefits, and treatment. In most cases, elder care attorneys have a network of other professionals who specialize in senior issues, including psychologists, long-term care planners, social workers, and caregivers.

Why Families Might Need Elder Care Legal Expertise

Elder care attorneys provide seniors and their families with services in various areas, including:

  • Estate planning
  • Social security benefits, especially if you apply for benefits before age 67
  • Medicare or Medicaid benefits
  • Elder abuse
  • Elder fraud
  • Employment discrimination based on age
  • Long-term care planning

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it shows the value an elder care attorney can bring to families that may be struggling with age-related issues.

For example, seniors who are still able to work but are let go or “forced” to retire due to age may be able to hold their employer accountable for age discrimination.

If your loved one is receiving Medicare or Medicaid and feels they are paying for expenses that should be covered by insurance, an elder care attorney can look into their benefits to ensure fair compensation.

Seniors who are unable to work or care for themselves may work with a lawyer to secure long-term care. Elder care attorneys can establish a power of attorney or provide legal advice in maintaining seniors’ assets and finances. Seniors may also seek an attorney to plan for the future, such as one day being unable to care for themselves and needing an appointed guardian.

When to Hire an Attorney for Elder Care

Many elder care attorneys agree that it’s best for families to seek a legal partner when they begin to anticipate that their loved one will require long-term care or government benefits. Many seniors prefer to consult with an attorney before they experience major health issues or cognitive decline so that they can be their own voice.

At Tailored Home Care, we understand the urgency when arranging care for your loved one. Our commitment to you is to work expeditiously to serve your family, including providing guidance on where and how to seek help regarding your loved one’s rights and plan of care.

For more information, reach out to our team today.






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